Once for Life

Once for Life

Creating transformational gene and peptide therapies that treat the most prevalent diseases to restore health and renew life

Renova Therapeutics envisions a future in which we’re able to permanently treat chronic diseases with gene and peptide therapies. Right now, we’re developing definitive treatments to restore health to people suffering from some of the most common and devastating chronic conditions in the world: congestive heart failure and type 2 diabetes.

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Latest News:  August 2, 2017: PRESS RELEASE | 'PLOS ONE' publishes results of cardiac-directed catalytically inactive AC6 in mice after sustained β-adrenergic stimulation

  July 18, 2017: Diabetes.co.uk | New gene therapy improves insulin sensitivity and diabetes markers in mice

  July 17, 2017: PRESS RELEASE | Urocortin 2 gene transfer increases glucose disposal and insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes

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