Our Science

Renova Therapeutics’ investigational gene therapies are based on carefully validated and proprietary insights into disease mechanisms and our founders’ nearly 50 combined years of pioneering work in the gene therapy field. This experience enables us to generate an entirely original platform of therapeutics and delivery systems that in a single dose may provide durable, life-long treatments for chronic diseases, including congestive heart failure and type 2 diabetes. In congestive heart failure, this approach has the potential to improve the function of damaged hearts and restore active health to patients.

Our gene therapy research, led by our scientific founder Dr. H. Kirk Hammond, appears in numerous peer-reviewed articles that establish the scientific rationale and evidence supporting the development of our pipeline and our novel approach to delivering gene therapies.

Accompanying our proprietary gene therapy research, Renova Therapeutics also plans to advance the clinical development of an Acute Decompensated Heart Failure peptide infusion therapy to pivotal trials, through exclusive licenses the company has acquired.

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