Renova Therapeutics Announces Issuance of Patent Covering Delivery and Expression of Paracrine Genes

March 27, 2018

San Diego, CA – Renova™ Therapeutics, a biotechnology company developing gene and peptide-based treatments for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, announced today that the European Patent Office has issued Patent No. 2814513, “Systemic Delivery and Regulated Expression of Paracrine Genes for Cardiovascular Diseases and Other Conditions” to The Regents of the University of California.  Renova Therapeutics holds a worldwide exclusive license to this intellectual property.  This patent protects the use of vectors containing paracrine genes for delivery of gene therapy for cardiovascular diseases.    In addition, a patent has been granted by the Russian Patent office (Patent No. 2642605) directed to broad methods of gene therapy using paracrine genes for treatment of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.  Both of these patents will expire in February, 2033.

“This is a significant and exciting decision by the European and Russian Patent Offices, and we view this announcement as recognition of Renova’s important contributions to the gene therapy field,” stated Dr. Jack W. Reich, CEO and Co-founder of Renova Therapeutics.  “This patent provides protection for our paracrine delivery method, which has the potential to allow patients to be treated for serious cardiovascular diseases in a non-invasive manner.”

With Renova’s paracrine method of delivery, doctors may be able to administer gene therapies via IV injection, rather than through more invasive means of delivery.  Delivery of gene therapy via IV injection may allow for therapies to be delivered on an outpatient basis, with a commensurate reduction in hospitalization time and cost.