Different from your everyday biotech: We are the only private biotechnology company partnering with NASDAQ Private Market to offer liquidity to our shareholders and employees.

Through its technology platform and expertise, NASDAQ Private Market also provides a streamlined solution for our equity management needs, including integrated stock plan administration and capitalization management, along with the design and deployment of liquidity programs for shareholders.

As we move our product pipeline forward and prepare to become a commercial-stage company, we want to ensure we have the proper equity management infrastructure and liquidity programs for our employees and shareholders in place.

With this partnership, shareholders of Renova Therapeutics will be eligible to participate in buying and selling of the company’s shares through secondary liquidity programs, known as private tender offers, facilitated by NASDAQ Private Market.

“As companies stay private longer, staying on top of their equity compensation program is crucial,” said Nelson Griggs, Executive Vice President, NASDAQ. “We applaud Renova’s ongoing commitment to developing their equity compensation program and look forward to supporting their equity management and secondary liquidity program needs.”


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Not a shareholder but interested in becoming one during our next private tender offer? Please contact us here.

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